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Cookeville PromoFastrak Solutions has been hosting and maintaining Cookeville Promo's website since we started our business in 2008. Randy Robbins and his team are always there to help. They have awesome suggestions on how to keep your site at the top of each search engine, and they do a great job managing our email blasts for advertising. I highly recommend Fastrak Solutions!

Google Adwords

$100 Adwords Coupon to Fastrak Solutions' clients!


PPC AdvertisingWanting to increase targeted traffic to your website from Google. When you start your Google Adwords campaign with Fastrak Solutions, we will present you with a coupon from Google that is worth $100 of advertising after you spend your first $25. Contact Fastrak Solutions to find out more about the promotion and how you can use Adwords to grow your business.

What are the benefits of Adwords?

  • Effective - Show your ad when people are searching for exactly what you are selling.
  • Control Your Budget - Set a daily budget and only pay if they click on your add.
  • Flexible - Pause, change, or stop your ad whenever you want. Limit where it is displayed geographically.
  • No Committment - No minimum term.



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