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Cookeville PromoFastrak Solutions has been hosting and maintaining Cookeville Promo's website since we started our business in 2008. Randy Robbins and his team are always there to help. They have awesome suggestions on how to keep your site at the top of each search engine, and they do a great job managing our email blasts for advertising. I highly recommend Fastrak Solutions!

New Business Promotion

New Business Promotion


New BusinessStarting a new business is a very exciting and frightening time. There is so many things that need to be done. One of those things are is quickly becoming a necessity for all businesses is having a web presence. The Internet is the place to find a business, product or service. It is often the first place we go. When is the last time you picked up your phone book and looked up a business? Because we understand how important it is to be online as a new business and how limited a business's budget is starting out, we have developed what we call a "Starter Package"


The Starter Package gets you a strong foothold on the Internet so you can be found and does it at a reasonable cost. It is a package that can grow as you need it to. You get a landing page filled with your company's contact and product information, email using your company's domain name which is also included, local search submission and social media setup.


If you are a new business or a business that doesn't have a web presence yet, contact us to get more information about what this package gives you and the results that it can bring. Once you are ready to get online, contact us and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation.

Not convinced? Here are some things to consider:

  • Your competition is already there.
  • Makes you available 24/7.
  • Creates a great impression.
  • Allows people to find you.


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