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Highland Home ImprovementRandy at Fastrak Solutions worked closely with us to create our business website. He used our ideas and added his expertise to make the website functional, beautiful and stand out! Randy continues to show us ways to update the website. Any time we have questions, he is quick to respond. Randy also helps us with our internet advertising. We HIGHLY recommend Randy Robbins and Fastrak Solutions. He is an excellent professional. Robert and Pam Toline, owners and Angie Burgess, Office Manager, HIghland Home Improvement, Inc.

Increasing Your Facebook Reach

Ever wonder why your Facebook reach is so low?
Facebook continues to be one of the best ways to use social media to interact with potential customers and grow your business. Did you know that 67% of all American Internet users use Facebook? If we take all Facebook users and average their usage, it would come out to be over eight hours per month. Some statistics suggest that the numbers are even higher. With all these people on Facebook for extended amounts of time, why is it that the reach of our posts is often so low.
The answer is EdgeRank or at least what used to be called EdgeRank. Facebook says "EdgeRank" is dead but the algorithm that it stood for is still alive. Let me explain why you want to read farther. If your EdgeRank is low then you can expect that your reach with an article may be less than 10%. If it's medium, then the reach might be 10% to 20%, and if the EdgeRank is high, then you can expect the reach to be more than 30%.
Before we talk about how to increase this EdgeRank, let's talk about the factors that make up this score. They are affinity, weight, and decay. Affinity is how interconnected you are to your users. With weight, the more weight the better. Shares and comments weigh more than a like. The last is decay. The more time since the last activity on a post the closer it gets to falling off the edge.
Here are some things that will help you increase your reach and return your engagement with the customer:

Quality content that engages the view.
Don't create long posts.
Have calls to action or ask questions.
Use photos and videos when appropriate.
Experiment with your frequency of posts.... not too little or too much but just right.
Experiment with the days and times of your posts. The optimal time varies based on the audience.
Interact with your viewer promptly and reliably.
I can't emphasize enough the importance using the tools that Facebook provides to watch the reach and engagement of your posts as you try these things and adjust accordingly.
Happy Posting!

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