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Cookeville PromoFastrak Solutions has been hosting and maintaining Cookeville Promo's website since we started our business in 2008. Randy Robbins and his team are always there to help. They have awesome suggestions on how to keep your site at the top of each search engine, and they do a great job managing our email blasts for advertising. I highly recommend Fastrak Solutions!

Email - Creating Newsletter Content

Today we are talking about what makes a good newsletter. The audience, the list and keeping it legal are key factors for a successful newsletter, but if we don't create a good and interesting content nothing else really matters does it. On the Internet you can find tip after tip on how to make your newsletter successful. I want to keep it simple and cover the three most important tips to remember.


I. You must make the newsletter informative. It needs to be something the customer or potential customer can use. Give them tips, checklists, relevant news stories, or anything else that is relevant to what you want to accomplish and make sure useful to the subscriber.


II. This one may be hard for some, but don't fill your newsletter with sales hype. Your subscribers are not reading your articles week after week because they want to be sold something. Trust me, if you give them useful information and they see you as an authorative source, thesales opportunities will come.


III. This final tip is sometimes hard for me. Keep it brief! You want them to be able to read or scan the newsletter quickly and not take too much of their time. Try usingbold, italics, or bulleted lists in your formattting to highlight key points or to organize your data. You can also link to additional material on the Internet so they can read more if they want.


These tips are the foundation to getting the most success from your newsletters. I hope that my last few newsletters have shown you how valuable they can be to your marketing efforts. If you have any questions about starting your own newsletter, don't hesitate to ask. Next week, I will wrap up our email marketing seriesas we talk about drip marketing. 

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