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Highland Home ImprovementRandy at Fastrak Solutions worked closely with us to create our business website. He used our ideas and added his expertise to make the website functional, beautiful and stand out! Randy continues to show us ways to update the website. Any time we have questions, he is quick to respond. Randy also helps us with our internet advertising. We HIGHLY recommend Randy Robbins and Fastrak Solutions. He is an excellent professional. Robert and Pam Toline, owners and Angie Burgess, Office Manager, HIghland Home Improvement, Inc.

Email - Most Overlooked Inbound Marketing

Everywhere you read nowadays, everyone is talking about social media and using it to grow your business. They are right. It can grow your business. So it is easy to overlook the number one inbound marketing channel for staying in front of people and influencing their decisions.

Recent research indicates that email has an ROI of around 4300%. Even before the Internet, someone told me that a good list is the best marketing tool you can have. Email makes having that list even more powerful.


Not only is email marketing effective and affordable, but it can grow relationships. By delivering a personalized and targeted email, you can make the reader feel important and appreciated. Your email gives value information and builds loyalty with the reader.


The last advantage of email marketing is that everything can be tracked. You can see if it was delivered, who opened it, if they clicked on any of the links or forwarded it to someone. And all of this in many cases is real time. By using these metrics, you can continue to refine your process and adjust for your audience.


Over the next few weeks, as we take our coffee break, I want to talk to you about email, the list and how to use it to make you more money on the Internet. In the next few weeks, we will talk about building a list, email content, email campaigns and drip marketing.

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