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Highland Home ImprovementRandy at Fastrak Solutions worked closely with us to create our business website. He used our ideas and added his expertise to make the website functional, beautiful and stand out! Randy continues to show us ways to update the website. Any time we have questions, he is quick to respond. Randy also helps us with our internet advertising. We HIGHLY recommend Randy Robbins and Fastrak Solutions. He is an excellent professional. Robert and Pam Toline, owners and Angie Burgess, Office Manager, HIghland Home Improvement, Inc.

Walking In Their Shoes

In all content, it is important to consider the audience. Intenet marketing is no different. For the message to be successful it has to capture and hold the audience and motivate them. "Walking in your audience's shoes" will help you be more successful.

Who is your audience? Your audience may include more people than you think. You may have different products with different buyers. The demographics of your audience may be different. There may be many possible variations that you might have to take into account, all with different triggers and needs that have to be taken into account,

Right about now, you might be asking yourself, "What does this mean, and how can I use it?" A website might cause you to use a different call to action to get people to contact you. You may have to change the words you use to describe a product or affect the design so it is more appealing and usable to a certain group. With Pay-Per-Click advertising, you will want to make sure the ad is focused on the keywords that your potential customer was searching for. Considering your audience should also be used to help you decide what social media that you choose to get your message across. Is your audience more likely on Pinterest or Linkedin? Are they looking to make an impulse decision or will they need more facts before they decide?

Once you understand your audience, you can better find ways to capture their attention and accomplish the end result you are looking for. This may consist of guiding them along a journey or simply creating a call to action and sense of urgency to have them contact you or purchase.

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